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The Man With The Crooked Eye

A not-so-simple cheating boyfriend investigation turns into murder and robbery. Plus, there's a $250,000 lottery payoff up for grabs -- if somebody is willing to cover up a piece of evidence. Introducing Rafe Velez, an American private eye with decades of experience -- most of it bad and unprofitable. His career is about to take a turn. Whether it's for the better ... [Continue Reading]

The Unpleasant Neighbor

Sheila and Brad Gilbert are on a path to divorce. That's because Rafe has the goods on Brad's cheating ways. Plus, Sheila has troubles with the crazy lady next door. When they turn up dead in the woods, could the crazy lady be the killer, or the pleasant neighbor, the other next door neighbor? This is the second in the series of Rafe Velez Mystery short novellas, with ... [Continue Reading]

Shaking Hands With the Devil

Rafe investigates a child custody case that seems to be nothing more than an overreaction by a worry-wart parent. But when thugs insert themselves into the equation, Rafe finds it's time to be carrying a gun on the job. Plus, an old nemesis intrudes on his business. Will this criminal mastermind become a new client – or his last? This is the third in the series of Rafe ... [Continue Reading]

The Plot To Murder Althea Stokes

Althea Stokes is recovering nicely from a small stroke. That's bad news for greedy heirs who want their share of the inheritance sooner, rather than later. Rafe gets drawn into this mix through investigating a bit of suspected petty larceny in the Stokes mansion. It escalates into a full-blow drama at a dinner party at the Stokes home, where somebody else is poisoned – but ... [Continue Reading]

The Men Who Were Hard of Listening

  Landscaper Billy Byrum has a money problem. Author Dennis Tinker has a writing problem. Neither man thinks he's doing wrong by others – until things spin out of control. Billy's brother ends up dead and Dennis's wife thinks he has a fan turned stalker. Both situations end up in Rafe's lap. The question is: who's listening and who's about to have a nasty fall from ... [Continue Reading]

The Colombian Dope Smugglers

A case of petty theft turns into a convoluted plot to smuggle heroin into the US. A Mafia Don wants it to stop. A local electrician is pulled into the web of criminal enterprise. The question becomes: who is the spider weaving the web and will this mean war between the Mob and the Colombians? A pivotal story in this series, with far-reaching implications. This is the ... [Continue Reading]