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Rafe Velez Mysteries Bundle #3 (7-9)

A Failure of Honor Among Thieves: A semi-retired Mafia Don tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter -- and deals with dirty business at work. Family comes first, but if you betray the 'Family'... A Man Vanishes: Mild-mannered Bill Tolliver vanishes, seemingly without a trace. Perhaps his work for Champion LLC made him run. Champion has a nasty habit of mixing in ... [Continue Reading]

Three Weeks in Darkest Amnesia — Rafe Velez Mystery 9

A man awakens with no memory of the past. Can Rafe solve the mystery of who he is -- and where that bag full of cash came from? No doubt! ... [Continue Reading]

A Man Vanishes — Rafe Velez Mystery 8

Summer's here and so is the next mystery: Mild-mannered Bill Tolliver vanishes, seemingly without a trace. Perhaps his work for Champion LLC made him run. Champion has a nasty habit of mixing in dirty deeds with Big Business. Live and in Color on Amazon. ... [Continue Reading]

Three NEW Mysteries and a Bundle

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Perma-free — The Man with the Crooked Eye

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Rafe Velez Mysteries Bundle #2 (4-6) Are Live!

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The First Three Rafe Velez Mysteries Are Bundled!

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