The Plot To Murder Althea Stokes

Althea Stokes is recovering nicely from a small stroke. That’s bad news for greedy heirs who want their share of the inheritance sooner, rather than later. Rafe gets drawn into this mix through investigating a bit of suspected petty larceny in the Stokes mansion. It escalates into a full-blow drama at a dinner party at the Stokes home, where somebody else is poisoned โ€“ but by whom?

This is the fourth in the series of Rafe Velez Mystery short novellas, Rafe Velez is an American private eye with decades of experience — most of it bad and unprofitable. His life and career have taken a turn. Whether it’s for the better remains to be seen.

The Rafe Velez Mystery short novellas feature sordid crime, deadpan humor, noir touches and more than a few twists and turns for your delectation. These episodic mysteries will draw you in, as Rafe discovers new horizons in his life and more clients, thanks to some unexpected fame and fortune.

PG Rated โ€“ no four letter words or explicit sex.

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